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CEFC - Spoon Seoul

Le Cercle des Entrepreneurs Francophones en Corée (CEFC) a été créé en 2006 en tant qu’association française. Le cœur de ses activités est:

  • Bâtir un réseau convivial d’entrepreneurs francophones en Corée du Sud.
  • Offrir des conseils et un soutien aux entrepreneurs francophones dans leur processus de création / développement.
  • Fournir des canaux en ligne pour le partage de ressources sur la création, la gestion et le développement d’entreprises en Corée.

Millenium Destination

At Millenium Destinations, our main purpose was to give more exposure to less-known destinations so that they can actually attract visitors, while sharing practical solutions and insights on the contribution of tourism to global sustainable development and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Nogae trading - Spoon Seoul Catering

Nogae trading  is the merger of an import-export consulting agency based in Seoul, South Korean and Nogae group, a french company with expertise on digital marketing in various regions of Africa, Europe and the Caribbean based in Port Louis, Mauritius.  

Brinc helps founders build technology businesses through its venture accelerator programs, services & sales support

From web branding platforms and experimental native applications to full e-commerce platforms, Asiance develops web experiences for impact and conversions, understanding the demands in local and global markets.

With PPANAM, we want to offer you the best, the originality, the quality and the Korean culture, at a nice price. Our will is to put South Korea at your fingertips. This Korea has a lot of secrets, surprises, that few already know and that are waiting for you to discover them!

Pierre Ltd. is engaged in the distribution of remarkable products on the Korean market.  By remarkable, we mean products that carry outstanding level of craftsmanship along with significant brand recognition.   By remarkable, we also thrive to create a meaningful shopping experience to clients, because we believe that creating an original and enjoyable wholesale and retail landscape is not only necessary but valuable to our patrons. 

Coffee roaster and photographer, amazing place with a roof-top in Itaewon

Spoon Seoul

The Economic service of the French Embassy has a wide range of roles related to the understanding of local policies and the support for French companies on a macroeconomic level. It analyzes the economic situation, the impact of public policies of the host country and negotiates on economic, financial and trade matters. It passes on the French public position to the host country and makes sure to understand the position of local actors.


Present and active on the South Korean market since 1991, the mandate of the Quebec Government Office in Seoul is to promote trade, innovation, education, culture and investment. It offers to businesses, creators, researchers and organizations and institutions in Quebec services, advices and activities tailored to their development goals in the South Korean market.

페르노리카 코리아(Pernod Ricard Korea)는 세계적인 프랑스 주류기업 페르노리카(Pernod Ricard) 그룹의 한국 법인으로 위스키, 스피릿, 리큐르, 샴페인, 와인 등 업계에서 가장 다양한 브랜드 포트폴리오를 보유하고 있다.

L’AFC, Association des Francophones de Corée, a été créée en 1984 avant de devenir Seoul Accueil en 2018 afin de refléter au mieux sa vocation d’accueil et sa portée géographique. Cette association à but non lucratif, apolitique et libre de toute influence confessionnelle, est animée par des bénévoles. Elle regroupe à Seoul près de 150 familles francophones.

The mission of Idinvest Partners, a European leader in financing small and medium-sized enterprises, is to fund European businesses at various stages of growth. With €8 billion under management, we are able to harness a range of complementary solutions to help businesses grow quickly and provide equity and private debt investment, both directly and via private equity funds. 

Etablissement scolaire français, agréé de la maternelle au lycée

L’Institut français de Corée du Sud fait partie du réseau mondial des instituts français. L’antenne unique est située à Séoul, la capitale de la République de Corée